2020 NPSO Annual Meeting Cancelled

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and in the best interests for the health and safety of our members, the Cheahmill Chapter has decided to cancel the Annual Meeting this year. While the number of new cases should decline over the next several weeks and months, subsequent waves of COVID-19 are likely to recur once social distancing is relaxed. We are exploring hosting the meeting next year (2021) at Spirit Mountain Lodge and offering much the same program.

If you have already sent in your registration form and payment, your checks will be shredded. Those whose checks were already deposited will receive a refund.

We look forward to seeing all of you in 2021, hopefully at Spirit Mountain. Please stay safe and healthy through this difficult time.

NPSO 2020 Annual Meeting

May 29 - 31     Spirit Mountain Lodge, Grand Ronde, Oregon

Field Trips

Saturday May 30, 2020    9 a.m. - 4 p.m.                    Field Trip # 20

Baskett Slough National Wildlife Refuge and Left Coast Winery

The field trip begins with a walk up Baskett Butte through large meadows. From the top, views include the Yamhill and Willamette valleys as well as the east end of Van Duzer Corridor.

Difficulty:     Easy  (4 miles at refuge, 1 mile at winery) - Loose rock on the uphill section of refuge trail, areas of poison oak along trail.

Elevation:     Gradual 400 feet elevation gain at the refuge; level at the winery.

Group Size Limit:     15

The endangered Willamette Valley daisy grows in the meadows of Baskett Butte.

Trip Description:     Baskett Slough National Wildlife Refuge was established in 1965 to protect wintering habitat for dusky Canada geese. The US Fish & Wildlife Service manages the site that is designated a grassland bird conservation area. It works with surrounding landowners to conserve habitat for rare and declining species through permanent conservation easements.

Open habitat is maintained with fire, mowing, and mechanical and chemical controls of invasive species. The Refuge includes 1,173 acres of forests, grasslands, shallow-water seasonal wetlands, permanent open water, and forage cropland for wintering geese. The view from Baskett Butte stretches from the farmlands of the Willamette Valley to the foothills of the Cascade Range.

Ten federally and state listed species use the varied habitats, including wetland and wet prairie, upland prairie, oak woodland and savanna, and mixed forest.

The refuge hosts a large population of Fender's blue butterfly and its larval host plant Kincaid's lupine (Lupinus oreganus); golden paintbrush (Castilleja levisecta), extirpated from its historic range in Oregon and reintroduced to this area; Nelson's checkermallow (Sidalcea nelsoniana); Willamette daisy (Erigeron decumbens); and streaked horned lark. Trip leaders will discuss efforts to improve habitat, reintroduce plant species, and restore plant communities.

Leaving Baskett Slough, participants will drive to Left Coast Winery for a picnic lunch and tour of the winery's 200+ acres of ecological compensation areas. The winery is a participant in the Willamette Valley Oak Accord, a voluntary conservation agreement to protect and restore the winery's 100 acres of old growth (up to 450 years old) Oregon white oak (Quercus garryana) forest, one of the most threatened habitats in the Willamette Valley. Participants will hike the 0.9-mile Truffle Hill Hiking Loop, which traverses a 40-acre stand of white oaks, and will learn about the winery's partnership with USFWS to restore and protect this habitat.

Appropriate Clothing and Footwear:     Sturdy footwear, hiking poles advisable.

Meeting Place and Time:     Trip # 20 leaves at 9 a.m. from Spirit Mountain Lodge entrance. Plan to arrive 30 minutes before departure time to meet your group and arrange carpools.

Alternate Meeting:     Participants may also meet the trip at 9:30 a.m at Baskett Slough National Wildlife Refuge - the upper parking lot on Coville Road, west of Highway 99W. Be sure to email your trip leader of your intentions.

Driving Miles and Time from Spirit Mountain Lodge:     19 miles, 31 minutes to refuge, 1.5 miles on Coville Road is gravel. Additional 5 miles from the refuge to the winery.

Driving Directions:     Trip leaders will provide detailed driving instructions.

Leaders:       Tom Kaye, Chris Seal, Bob Pfaff

Tom Kaye, Institute for Applied Ecology Executive Director. Chris Seal, US Fish & Wildlife Service. Bob Pfaff, Left Coast Winery

Plant Lists and Other Information:     Clink on the links below for more information about this trip.

Taverner and Cackler Marshes attract waterfowl in the lower portion of Baskett Slough National Wildlife Refuge.

Photo: Amie Loop-Frison
A Fender's Blue Butterfly feeding on Kincaid's Lupine (Lupinus oreganus)

Left Coast Winery participates in the Willamette Valley Oak Accord with 200+ acres of ecological compensation areas.